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SessionTalk SIP 7.0.4 example on iPhone

SessionTalk SIP is a free software phone compatible with IOS, Android and Windows desktop.

  • 1. Select the "i" for 'Generic SIP'
  • 2. The username is your phone number in international format (+44), and your SIP password can be configured on our Control Pages.
  • 3. Within 'Advanced', add the 'Auth Username' - your number in international format (+44).
  • 4. Select 'Outbound Proxy' and add the domain (voiceless.aa.net.uk), and ensure the toggle is switched on.
  • 5. Click 'done' and this should automatically register. If not, select register. You can check the device is configured properly by dialling 17070 and listening for your number to be relayed to you.

Visit their website: https://www.sessiontalk.co.uk/ios-android-softphone