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2023-03-10: This HMTL5 SIP demo no longer appears to function. It sends WebSockets requests to ns313841.ovh.net which no longer appears to be active.

This is a pure HTML5 and Javascript SIP client (scary!), see: sipml5.org

We have so far managed to register OK, but unable to place a call. A traffic capture on the client shows various STUN messages, but then no INVITES are sent to the call server. At the moment we're a bit stuck, but happy for others to try it and to let us know how it goes.

Further Notes Whilst Getting This Working

When using the sipml5 demo, we the client registering not from the browser's IP, but a third party, i.e.:

1:16:25	Z.Voiceless	12:16:25	IM-client/OMA1.0 sipML5-v1.2013.08.10B

This is a little concerning, as means we've given our SIP password over to someone else :-) This will be down to the web server needing to proxy the SIP in some when to bypass XSS (Cross-site scripting) restrictions in Javascript.

This needs more testing...


sipml5 VoIP Client Settings
Setting Value
Display Name: Your name
Private Identity Your number, inc +44
Public Identity sip:YOURNUMBER@voiceless.aa.net.uk
Password Your SIP Password
Realm voiceless.aa.net.uk