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FTP Details
Server www.YourDomain.co.uk
Username www.YourDomain.co.uk
Password Set on control pages

Setting the FTP Password

The password is as you have set up with us for the domain. In the Control Pages you can add an FTP password for the domain or specific sub domains from within the 'DNS' settings.


Select the Type of FTP Password, and enter the password you'd like to use in to the Value box

Uploading pages by FTP

You access your web site using ftp (file transfer protocol). You can do this directly from some applications that allow design of web pages. Most ftp clients work with no problems.

The ftp host (the machine you connect to) is your web site name for which you have a suitable DNS entry, e.g. www.testing.me.uk. By default, a DNS entry is set up for the www subdomain of your domain which points to our web servers www-server.co.uk. The username you use (login name) is also the web site name, e.g. www.testing.me.uk. This can be any subdomain of an entry for which you have set a password, e.g. people typically make a password for the top level, e.g. testing.me.uk, but log in as www.testing.me.uk which places them in the www subdirectory automatically on login. You then find that your web site is in the /www/ directory (assuming you used a www. subdomain as the login). If you have other subdomains, such as www2.testing.me.uk then these are in a /www2/ directory, and so on.

Warning: the username and password are sent in plain text. If you are worried by this, you might wish to use one-time passwords for web uploads.


FTP Errors and Problems

  • 'Your FTP Client Appears to be broken' entries in directories
    • The client is sending ls -L to list the directory, this is invalid. In gFTP (Linux) this can be resolved in the preferences there is an option not to 'resolve remote symlinks'
  • Passive mode FTP will be required if the user is behind a firewall or NAT (This will be an option in their FTP client)
  • Adobe Contribute
    • Its default settings do not work with our ftp server, you'll need to change the 'FTP performance optimization' option to be disabled.
    • The Windows command line FTP program doesn't support passive mode - use another client, sorry.
  • Seem to be firewalled or blocked access to FTP:
    • We will block IP addresses that use a wrong username or password multiple times. We will block an IP for an hour in these cases.
  • Your script produced no output
    • Because scripts are allowed everywhere, trying to serve a web page which is the source code of a script can easily go wrong - with the web server trying to execute it. Putting a blank line before the #! line can stop the web server trying to execute it.


We used to offer rsync access to upload webpages, but this was removed some time ago.

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