XML to Spreadsheet

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Our invoices are available as xml and json for machine processing, as well as the more usual pdf files.

We have been asked how to import xml invoices in to a spreadsheet program like Excel or LibreOffice. This can be useful especially for invoices with phone call charges listed in them.

here are some steps in importing xml files:

LibreOffice Calc

  1. Go to: Data - XML Source.
  2. Pick the xml file
  3. Set Mapped cell: a1
  4. Click import

All line items are listed in a flat sheet, but you can cut out the stuff you don't want to process and leave yourself with just the telephone calls, if that's what you're after.

Microsoft Excel

(Untested, but steps should be similar to this:)

  1. Click Data tab
  2. Click Get
  3. Click From File - XML
  4. Maybe set some options
  5. Click Load