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Here are instructions for installing the Zoom 2398 3G USB dongle on an Apple Mac - it's quite easy.

  1. Plug the Dongle in, and open Finder, and on the left you'll see 'Zoom 3G+ Modem'
    • Zoom-usb-mac1.png
  2. Click on it, and on the right pane click on the Mac folder
    • Zoom-usb-mac2.png
  3. Double click on the 'Zoom 3G+ Modem.pkg' file
    • Zoom-usb-mac3.png
  4. Run through the installer...
  5. Once finished, the application will load and you'll be able to get online etc.
    • Zoom-usb-mac4.png
    • (not with this one though, as we didn't add a SIM, DOH!

To run the Zoom program again later, Search for Zoom and it should find 'Zoom 3G+ Modem'