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L2TP from Customers to AAISP

There are two reasons to use L2TP to connect in to AAISP:

  1. As a backup for your existing AAISP circuit in the event of a fault.
    1. Logging in over L2TP using your DSL credentials (ie xxx@a.1) from a different ISP you will then have your normal IP addresses etc whilst your AAISP connection is being fixed.
  1. Connect in to AAISP over a third-party internet connection. This gives you your an AAISP IPv4 address and an IPv6 block. There are more reasons and information on

Connection Details

For L2TP as a backup please contact sales staff, for a separate L2TP connection please order via

  • Endpoint:
  • Username & Password as supplied
  • Hostname: AAISP
  • Plain L2TP without any IPsec, MSCHAPv2 authentication


You may have to set a lower MTU to accommodate the host ISP, possible as low as 1462 (or lower for some ISPs). In theory fragments will work to allow 1500 MTU on our service, but fragments are inefficient, and if everyone sends fragmented packets that could degrade the service.

Some Notes from customers setting up L2TP IN to AAISP:


L2TP from FireBrick

Creating a L2TP connection from a FireBrick to AAISP)


L2TP from OSX

Creating a L2TP connection from Apple OSX to AAISP


L2TP from Windows

Creating a L2TP connection from Windows to AAISP


L2TP from Linux

Creating a L2TP connection from Linux to AAISP


L2TP from Routerboard

Creating a L2TP connection from Routerboard to AAISP


L2TP from OpenWRT

Creating a L2TP connection from OpenWRT to AAISP


L2TP from Cisco

Creating a L2TP connection from Cisco to AAISP


L2TP from Other Routers

Creating a L2TP connection from other routers to AAISP