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We can provide web space for any domain you have. This allows you to have a web site containing web pages, images, videos, etc. It does not include php or sql or other such features, but this does not stop you creating a stunning web site. If you want such features you may like to consider hosting a server.

The domain control pages allow you to set up the DNS. This is normally set up for you. Simply create an entry for www with a CNAME to our web server which is You can also create an entry of type Web password with a password. This defines the password for loading web pages on to the site. You can set multiple passwords and any will work. You can set password for specific sub domains if you like.

FTP Details
Password Set on control pages

Lets Encrypt

By default, we will generate SSL certificates for domains we host - this will use Let's Encrypt. You can create a file called 'https' in your web space. That page, and any subdomains of it, should then automatically redirect to HTTPS.

When a new domain (or DNS record) is pointed at our web server a new certificate will need to be generated, this should happen within an hour or two, but can take longer if we happen to have a large queue of certificates to request at the time.

If a domain's certificate is not correct after 24 hours then do get in touch with Support. However, a browser may be caching a SSL cert error message, so do clear cache or try a new browser etc, just to be sure.