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A domain name, such as, is registered with a registry. We deal with several registries, such as Nominet (for domains ending .uk). In general, within certain rules, any domain that does not yet exist can be registered. However the domains have to be part of a parent domain. So a domain ending is handled by Nominet and you can have anything you like followed by that nobody else has. The domain you get would have letters, numbers and maybe a hyphen. In most cases two letter domains are not allowed and there are a few other restrictions.

For help in choosing a domain, see our KB article: Choosing a UK domain.

We can register various kinds of domain names, the most common ones end with .uk, .com, .org, .net. Do contact Sales if you're interested in registering other kinds of domain. (Broadband customers can have a .uk domain for free)

To register a domain please contact our sales department

When you register a .uk domain you are entering in to a contract with the registrar (Nominet) and we act as your agent in dealing with Nominet. The domain is registered in your name, not ours.

Domain Service page on our main website

Registry Delegation Management

We provide on-line management for registry settings for .uk domains via the control pages, for other domains (e.g. com/net/org) please contact sales for changes. Where the registry handles it we allow control of:-

Name and contact details (published in whois) - note that UK domains cannot change registrant name via your agent (us) and must be done direct with nominet. Name servers Name server glue records including (where available) IPv6. UK domains can have IPv6 domain glue. DNSSEC DS data records for signed delegation (where available). UK domains allow DS data records. Note that changes to these may require additional checks by staff such as checking your PGP fingerprint manually

Changing Domain Details (.uk)

If you're needing to make changes to your .uk domain, here is how:-

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