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Transferring a .uk domain away from AAISP

To transfer a .uk domain out of AAISP please fill in and return the following form:

The process is:

  • Fill in the above form and return to us.
  • We will change the IPS Tag to your new company and will let you know
  • The new company will then have control over the domain

Ceasing a domain

To Cease/cancel a domain, please use the same form.

Transferring a .com/.net/.org domain away from AAISP

Please email in to who will be able to do this.

The process is a little long-winded, as it involved manual intervention along the way

  • Contact AAISP with the domain details, and we will unlock the domain and will email the auth code
  • Contact your new company and ask them to initiate a transfer to them
  • We will then approve the transfer