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It may be possible to configure the router so that it acts as a bridge and not a router.

There are two methods, both submitted by customers, and are not supported by AAISP, we would only suggest you use this if you're sure you know what you're doing!

We would recommend a ZyXEL P660-D1 or a Dlink if you are looking for a bridge device, this are available to purchase from Sales.

We cannot support this if you break it, sorry.

Method One (config file)

Notes from the customer:

It doesn't seem possible to make it work without two internet connections being configured, even though 'Internet2' is disconnected. I removed it's config and restored, and the ethernet ports didn't want to come up!

I essentially took a config I found for the BE 'bebox' and merged sections with the default config that come with the router. I am sure it could be made cleaner, and it could be possible to rid the 'Internet2' and still have it work.

Config file: File:AA TG582n Bridge

Method Two (Manual configuration steps)

Another Customer entry:

To put the router into proper bridge mode, telnet in and enter these commands

ppp relay flush
ppp flush
eth flush
atm flush
atm phonebook flush
atm phonebook add name=BrPPPoE_ph addr=0.38
atm ifadd intf=BrPPPoE_atm
atm ifconfig intf=BrPPPoE_atm dest=BrPPPoE_ph encaps=vcmux ulp=mac
atm ifattach intf=BrPPPoE_atm
eth bridge ifadd intf=BrPPPoE_br
eth bridge ifconfig intf=BrPPPoE_br dest=BrPPPoE_atm
eth bridge ifattach intf=BrPPPoE_br
service system modify name=DHCP-S state=disabled
wireless radio state=disabled

IPV6 not tested with the above setup although, in theory, it should work as all the above is, is a clean bridging setup. (it does work, but not immediately it seems)

I have recently migrated from BE and their router had a 'half-bridge' mode where the router would only use the dhcp allocated WAN IP address and route the allocated subnet onwards. I am investigating this setup on the TG582N. Main advantage is that you can then still easily access the router.