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There is a page on the Control Pages for customers that we have provided a router to (e.g. a Technicolor or a ZyXEL)

To find the page:

  • Log in to the Control Pages
  • Click on the Line in Question
  • Click the Router Settings button


The page will give details about the configuration of the router, information like admin passwords, DHCP settings and so on.

Router Information

For routers that we know about we list details such as:

  • Admin password
  • WiFi Password
  • DHCP settings, i.e., what the size of the DHCP pool is
  • Firewall setting
  • Model/Serial number
  • You can also click the buttons to download a copy of the Information Pack, and an image of the 'Router Card'

Passwords are hidden, click the box to reveal them.

Router Configuration Changes

From this page there are a few settings that can be changed:

Changes on Technicolor Routers

There are certain settings that can be changed on a Technicolor router.

To make a change:

  • Apply the required changes on the Page
  • Click the Send Config button

(When clicking Send Config, the new configuration will overwrite any changes that you have done yourself.) The configuration will be sent to the router, the 'Log' on the Line page will show the status, e.g.:

Log of a configuration being sent to a Technicolor
General Router Settings
Specific Technicolor Settings
Send the configuration to the Router

Changes on ZyXEL Routers

Web Interface setting on the Control Page