Slow ADSL Quick Checks

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Most of the time, we find that slow speeds are caused by a backup to services such as iCloud or Google Drive. These can happen in the background and quickly saturate the upstream of slower lines. We would suggest checking the property to see if anyone has a backup going on in the background of their devices that they are not aware of.


  1. Take a look at our Congestion Report - see if it's a wider issue that AAISP are already aware of.
  2. If you are using WiFi, try connecting with a cable direct to the Router and unplug other devices except the computer you are using. The speed of Wifi can be impacted by various factors, which is why we always suggest using ethernet directly to the router where possible. We would suggest a router with 5Ghz capability if this is not possible.
  3. Is your line actually slow? Other issues caused by services such as DNS or the device itself can cause things to appear slow without actually being slow! Double check with other people in the property that they are experiencing the same.
  4. If you are having trouble narrowing down culprits, or you are seeing unusual usage on your Control Page graphs, then we would suggest contacting Support, who can perform a traffic dump for you. This traffic dump can only be done in realtime and not historically. Our traffic dumps can only be performed with prior permission, and will only capture the packet headers, not the content.

What next?

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