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VoIP - Pre-announcement

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A number can be set to always to go voicemail where the caller hears a message before any phones are rung.

In the VoIP settings, if there is a fail number set and no also ring then the fail number is used immediately after the announcement.

Click to Access the Control Pages

Accessing This Feature

Access is via the Control Pages as follows:

  1. Log in to the Control Pages with your xxx@a login
  2. Click on the Number you want to configure
  3. Click the 'Incoming Tab'
  4. Set Voicemail to 'Always'
  5. Ignore the format option, as a recording will not be sent to you
  6. Ensure not to set an email address in the Email To box
  7. Leave the also-ring boxes empty
  8. Set a 'Fail' Number to the number you wish to call once the message has been played
  9. Click save

To record the announcement, see: VoIP - Voicemail