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Our voicemail platform supports a simple 'please leave a message' as well as voice menu system (press 1 for x, 2 for y) and also message only services. Recorded messages are sent to you by email, you can choose the file format, eg, wav, mp3, ogg, flac.



Our voicemail system supports has a simple 'leave a message' and the message will be emailed to you.


Call Gate (Voice Menu)

The voicemail system can have a menu such as 'press 1 for sales, 2 for support'


Recording Calls

Calls can be recorded and emailed to you in various sound formats. Find out more on setting this up


Number Announce

Used to read back another number for the caller to dial


Processing DTMF

With voicemail or the call gate, when the DTMF the caller presses is also sent as XML to you, useful for post-call processing



Play a message to callers before putting the call through to your phones


Message Only

Only play a message to callers, then the call ends

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