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What type of ADSL fault do you have?

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WiFi Challenges and Limitations

Some of the common problems that WiFi users experience, together with measures that can be taken to mitigate them where this is possible.



Is it taking a long time to load web pages, or download files? Do you have packetloss? Do you think your line should be faster than what it should be?


Dropping ADSL

Is your connection going up and down? (Stopping and then starting). We like stable connections, so lets get to the bottom of this!


Completely Offline

If your ADSL line is down permanently (as opposed to going up and down) then look here for help


Line Settings

Most of our lines have tweaks that can be applied to them, such as Interleaving, DLM or profile options, MTU adjustments etc. These are explained here


Basic Checks

These are the basic checks that Support tend to ask customers when there is a potential fault.


Diagnostic Tools

AAISP provide their customers with many tools to help diagnose a problem with their network or connection, find out more here.


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