Dropping DSL CQM

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Here are some examples of lines that are dropping:

Lots of Drops


This line does have a fault. It is dropping sync throughout the day. In this type of case, go through the usual checks, and AAISP will report a fault, which will probably need a BT SFI Engineer to attend site.

The best way to start this process is to send our support team an email at support@aa.net.uk.

Only Dropping during the day


(Probably not an ADSL Fault.) If a line is dropping during the day, and maybe just Monday to Friday, then it's probably not going to be an upstream problem. This could be caused by interference or bad wiring on site. Check things like the phone line and extensions. Put the router in master socket and to unplug all other phones. Maybe change filter. Speak to support for some more help. See if you can correlate the dropouts with any large appliances such as heating or generators.