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Andrews & Arnold Ltd is a telephone service provider in the UK and offers telephone, mobile and text services. We have OFCOM allocated number blocks in all UK land-line area codes and can allocate you real telephone numbers which can be called from anywhere in the world. Our services connect to you using Voice over IP (VoIP). This means you can use a VoIP telephone with the service or use it with your computer if you prefer. You can also connect a telephone system so that a whole office of people can make and receive calls.

Basic settings for newly ordered numbers:

If you have just purchased a VoIP number, then here are the basic steps to set it up:

  1. Configure the SIP password (via the control pages, details were sent by email when ordered)
  2. Configure a SIP Phone with:
    • Server/registrar:
    • Username/account: your-phone-number e.g. +441234567890
    • Password: The SIP password for the number - as set on control pages.

More details in the pages below:


Configure your Phone/PBX

Help with setting up your VoIP handset or PBX to register and use our VoIP service


Set your VoIP Password

A password will need to be set before you can register a phone against your VoIP number


VoIP Features

Help with using our control pages to set up your phones to work how you like, ring groups, recording, voicemail etc...



Details about our SMS features, API and so on


Firewall and Security

Information on securing your VoIP device and details on our recommended firewall settings


VoIP and Power

Recommendations for making calls during power cuts or internet connection faults


999 during a fault

Recommendations for making (emergency 999) calls during power cuts or internet connection faults


Number Porting

Information about porting numbers in and out


Voice SIMs (SIP2SIM)

Information on our Voice SIMs, have a Mobile SIM as a VoIP endpoint


VoIP Faults

Get some help with diagnosing VoIP faults, one way audio, audio breaking up etc...


How to

Example configurations using our VoIP services

VoIP/Telecoms Service page on our main website